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Happy 10th Birthday, Blogger!!!!!!!!!

Before Facebook and Twitter, there was Blogger. Blogger has very recently celebrated its 10th anniversary - on the 23rd of August, 2009. Bloggers have many new features to look forward to. They have new ways to spice up their blogs, for example, new gadgets to experiment with to mark the special day.

According to The Official Google Blog, every minute of each day, 270 000 words are written on Blogger. A product of Google, Blogger is the biggest blog host worldwide. If you’re looking to generate a significant amount of traffic for your blog, then Blogger is the place for you. Many professional websites started as blogs on and continue to use Blogger features. It may be credited with the development of the technical know-how of many a clueless blogger. With its easy to use word processing, template designs and sophisticated-yet-simple gadgets, Blogger has been a very welcoming host for many a blogger.

we wish you a very happy 10th birthday!!! . Join us as we wish Blogger a very Happy Birthday by posting your wishes below.


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